Alexander Orwin

Undergraduate institution: University of Toronto, Major in Classics, minor in South Asian Studies and Political Theory

Intellectual Interests: History of Political Thought (from Plato to the present day), Islamic Thought, Comparative Political Theory.
Dissertation Committee: Nathan Tarcov, Ralph Lerner, James Robinson (all University of Chicago), Sari Nusseibeh (Bir Zeit University).
Dissertation Topic: “Between City, Empire, and Faith: Alfarabi and the Concept of the Ummah.” My dissertation attempts to provide a comprehensive account of Alfarabi’s understanding of the Ummah. It touches on many important themes in Alfarabi’s thought, including nature, language, logic, philosophy, religion, and politics. It also compares Alfarabi to Plato and Rousseau, and shows how Alfarabi’s insights into some of the ethnic, religious, and political tensions within Islam remain extremely valuable.