Hans Joas

Visiting Professor of Sociology and Social Thought.

Foster 309

Visiting Professor of Sociology and Social Thought

Selected Publications In English

  • The Genesis of Values, University of Chicago Press (2000).
  • War and Modernity, Blackwell Publishers (2003).
  • Do We Need Religion? On the Experience of Self-Transcendence, Paradigm Publishers (2008). 
  • Social Theory: Twenty Introductory Lectures, Cambridge University Press (with W. Knöbl, 2009).
  • The Sacredness of the Person: A New Genealogy of Human Rights, Georgetown University Press (2013).
  • War in Social Thought: Hobbes to the Present, Princeton University Press (with W. Knöbl, 2013).
  • Faith as an Option: Possible Futures for Christianity, Stanford University Press (2014). 

Courses Taught

  • Human Rights & Sociological Theory
  • William James
  • Max Scheler
  • Modern Sociological Theory
  • Religious Innovation & Historical Sociology
  • George Herbert Mead
  • Pragmatism and Social Theory