Tamar Mayer

BA (Art-History and Humanities), Tel-Aviv University.

Interests: Modern Art, Aesthetics, Nineteenth Century French Art; Drawing Practices and Techniques; Phenomenology; Theories of Perception and Representation

Tamar is pursuing a joint degree in the Committee on Social Thought and the Department of Art-History. She works on 19th-century French Art. Her dissertation project focuses on the drawings of Jacques-Louis David, and more broadly, on the functions of preparatory processes in early 19th century French painting. Tamar received her B.A. (Honors) from Tel-Aviv University, with a double major in art-history and in the interdisciplinary humanities program. She also studied in the New-York Studio School for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, and has extensive training as a studio artist. In 2013-14 Tamar held the Rhoades Curatorial Fellowship in Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago, and is the recipient of a Chester-Dale pre-doctoral fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 2015-16, in the department of Drawings and Prints.