Coursework, Annual Essays, and the Language Examination


During their first three years students take regular courses, seminars, tutorials, and reading courses from faculty in the Committee and elsewhere in the University both to prepare for the Fundamentals Examination and to acquire the skills and foundations needed to write the dissertation and enter the discipline they have in mind. Students often take the lead in organizing reading courses or tutorials. Students are expected to consult with their advisers or other Committee faculty in planning their programs.

For Social Thought students to be eligible for continuation of financial aid, the Social Sciences Division requires them to complete at least five graded courses from the Autumn and Winter Quarters by the beginning of the Spring Quarter of their first year, and at least twelve graded courses by the beginning of the Spring Quarter of their second year. It is helpful to have a strong and extensive a grade record when applying for dissertation fellowship support for the sixth year and beyond. Students should make sure by the time their financial aid is renewed each Spring Quarter that the grades they have received are on file. Students are free to take courses or seminars offered elsewhere in the University that may have a bearing on their studies.

Courses and seminars are offered within the Committee on a variety of topics. See the courses page for an archive of course titles and descriptions.

Annual Essay Requirement for Years 1-2

Students during each of their first two years must submit to the Coordinator for Student Affairs two substantial essays written that year certified by a member of the faculty of the Committee. These papers may have been written either for regular courses or in connection with tutorials, reading courses, or independent work. At least one should be submitted by the beginning of the spring quarter.

Language Examination Requirement

Students must achieve a high-level pass in a foreign language examination administered by the University prior to taking the Fundamentals Examination.

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