Job Placement

Below is a sample of the academic and professional positions that recent graduates have gone on to occupy after completing their degrees:


Danielle Charette (PhD, 2021) - Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer in the Department of Politics, University of Virginia

Eliza Little (PhD, 2020) - Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick

Elena Comay del Junco (PhD, 2020) - Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Connecticuit

Lin Atnip (PhD, 2019) - Post-Doctoral Scholar, Humanities and Social Change Center, UC Santa Barbara.

Anastasia Artemyev Berg (PhD, 2017, joing degree in Philosophy) - Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department and the Center for Moral and Political Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tamar Mayer (PhD, 2017) - Assistant Professor, Head Curator of the Genia Schreiber Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University.

Brian Bitar (PhD, 2017) - Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Political Science (Political Philosophy), College of the Holy Cross (2018-20); Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor in Political Science, Boston College (2017-18).

Jason Rosensweig (PhD, 2017), Assistant Director of Advocacy and International Affairs, American Jewish Committee

Jon Baskin (PhD, 2016) - Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, The Point Magazine.

Robert Abbott (PhD, 2015; Joint Degree with Germanic Studies) - Tutor, St. John's College, Annapolis.

Jeremy Bell (PhD, 2015) - Lecturer, Campion College Australia, Sydney.

Tobias Joho (PhD, 2015; Joint degree with Classics) - Wissenschaftlicher Assistent (junior member of the faculty), Universität Bern, Switzerland.

Michael Thomas (PhD, 2015) - Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, Critical Cultural Theory.

Gregory Freeman (PhD, 2014) - Tutor, St. John's College, Annapolis.

David Hayes (PhD, 2014) - Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (faculty), Bard College Berlin.

Oded Schechter (PhD, 2014) - Assistant Professor, Center for Advanced Studies, National Research University, Moscow.

Erin Leib Smokler (PhD, 2014) - Director of Spiritual Development and Internship Coordinator at Yeshivat Maharat.

Antón Barba-Kay (PhD, 2013) - Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America.

Michael Subialka (PhD, 2013) - Three-year postdoc as the Powys Roberts Research Fellow in European Literature at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford; Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Italian, University of California, Davis.

Jonathan Thakkar (PhD, 2013) - Three-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Princeton Society of Fellows; Assistant Professor of Philosophy (without review), The University of British Columbia, Vancouver; Assistant Professor of Political Science, Swarthmore College.

Theodor Dunkelgrün (PhD, 2012) - Five-year postdoctoral research fellowship, University of Cambridge.

David Wollenberg (PhD, 2012) - Consultant, Boston Consulting Group.

Thomas Bartscherer (PhD, 2011) - Assistant Professor, Bard College.

Justin Evans (PhD, 2011) - Postdoc, Villanova.

William Junker (PhD, 2011) - Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas.

Katherine Kretler (PhD, 2011) - Adjunct Professor, Queen's University.

Peter Hansen (PhD, 2010) - President, Hansen Capital Management, Lexington, VA.

Yuval Levin (PhD, 2010) - Editor of National Affairs, Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Andrew Zawacki (PhD, 2010) - Poet and essayist; Associate Professor, University of Georgia.

Hannah Hintze (PhD, 2009) - Postdoc, Villanova University; Tutor, St. John's College, Annapolis.

Hugh Liebert (PhD, 2009) - Visiting Research Fellow, University of Virginia; Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy, West Point.

David Possen (PhD, 2009) - Instructor, Yale University; Lecturer at University of Copenhagen, Folkeuniversitet, and DIS.



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