Recent Social Thought Dissertations

Below is a sample of dissertation projects that have been completed in the Committee on Social Thought in recent years:

Julia Mueller, "The Intelligence of Attention" (2021)

Chenxin Jiang, "An Ethics of Transition Through Translation" (2021)

William Wood"Nietzsche's Argument for the Philosophical Life: An Interpretation of Beyond Good and Evil" (2021)

Daniel Watling, "The Deepest Desire: Philosophy and Islam in The Book of Ibn Tūmart" (2021)

Danielle Charette, "David Hume's Imperfect Commonwealth" (2021)

Elena Comay del Junco, "Aristotle on Comparison" (2020)

Skomantas Pocius, "On Truthfulness: An Examination of Bernard Williams' Virtues of Truth" (2020)

Ben Jeffery, "An Image on Water: A Reading of Shakespeare's The Tempest" (2020)

Eliza Starbuck Little, "The Self Exhibition of Reason: Hegel on Intuition and Logical Content" (2020)

Lin Atnip, "From Tragic Form to Apocalyptic Reality in Four American Works: Toward an Epistemological Theory and Practice of Reading" (2019)

David Gutherz, "Towards the People: The Search for Subjugated Knowledges in Post-Fascist Italy" (2019)

Joseph Simmons, "Irenic Modernism: The Early Work of David Jones and W. H. Auden" (2019)

Konrad Weeda, "Imagined Languages and Forms of Life: Horace Reads Virgil"  (2019)

Anastasia Artemyev Berg, "Freedom, Feeling and Character: The Unity of Reason and Sensibility in Kant’s Practical Philosophy" (2017)

Brian Bitar, "Hobbes's Conception of Desire for Power" (2017)

Tamar Mayer, "Consequences of Drawing: Self and History in Jacques-Louis David’s Preparatory Practices" (2017)

Jon Baskin, "Different Therapies: David Foster Wallace's Philosophical Fiction" (2016)

Robert Abbott, "Explorations in Elegiac Space: Schiller, Nietzsche, Rilke" (2015)

Jeremy Bell, "Elizabeth Anscombe’s Wittgensteinian Third Way in Philosophy of Mind: A Thomist Critique" (2015)

Tobias Joho, "Language, Necessity, and Human Nature in Thucydides’ History" (2015)

Alexander Orwin, "Caught between City, Empire, and Religion: Alfarabi’s Concept of the Umma" (2015)

Michael Thomas, "Speculation and Civilization in the Social Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead" (2015)

Gregory Freeman, "Rousseau’s Natural Man: Emile and Politics" (2014)

David Matthew Hayes, "Modes of Valuation in Early Greek Poetry" (2014)

Erin Dana Leib, "God in the Years of Fury: Theodicy and Anti-Theodicy in the Holocaust Writings of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira" (2014)

James McCormick, "Towards an Ethical Literature: Character Narration and Extended Subjectivity in the Work of Robert Musil" (2014)

Oded Schechter, "Existence and Temporality in Spinoza" (2014)

Anton Barba-Kay, "Intelligence Incarnate: The Logic of Recognition in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit" (2013)

Cynthia Rutz, "King Lear and its Folktale Analogues" (2013)

Jonathan Thakkar, "Can There be Philosopher-Kings in a Liberal Polity? A Reinterpretation and Reappropriation of the Ideal Theory in Plato’s Republic" (2013)

Theodor Dunkelgrün, "The Multiplicity of Scripture: The Confluence of Textual Traditions in the Making of the Antwerp Polyglot Bible (1568-1573)" (2012)

Julien Appignani, "Dostoevsky and Suicide: A Study of the Major Characters" (2012)

Michael Subialka, "The Aesthetics of Ambivalence: Pirandello, Schopenhauer, and the Transformation of the European Social Imaginary" (2012)

David Wollenberg, "Desire and Democracy: Spinoza and the Politics of Affect" (2012)

Thomas Bartscherer, "The Ancient Quarrel Unsettled: Plato and the Erotics of Tragic Poetry" (2011)

Justin David Evans, "Stubborn Against the Fact: Literary Ideals, Philosophy and Criticism" (2011)

Carl Eugene Findley III, "Perfecting Adam: The Perils of Innocence in the Modern Novel" (2011)

William Junker, "Heroic Action and Erotic Desire in Sidney, Spenser, and Shakespeare" (2011)

Katherine Lisa Kretler, "One Man Show: Poiesis and Genesis in the Iliad and Odyssey" (2011)

Peter Brickey Lequire, "Political Theology in Eric Voegelin's Philosophy of History" (2011)

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