Anastasia N. Artemyev Berg

Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology; Kant, German Idealism; Ancient Philosophy; Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Psychoanalysis.

Education: BA, English and American Literature and Language, Harvard (2009).

Dissertation Committee: Robert Pippin (chair), James Conant, Matthew Boyle, Stephen Engstrom.

Dissertation Title: The Unity of Reason and Sensibility in Kant's Practical Philosophy

Joint Degree Program in Social Thought and Philosophy

Lindsay Atnip

Undergraduate institution: University of Chicago

Intellectual interests: Artistic and literary modernism; Social
theory, particularly of art and/in modernity; Film; Philosophical film
and literary criticism

Jonathan Baskin

Undergrad at Brown University, double major in English and History. Honors thesis on Thomas Pynchon.

5th year in Social Thought, preparing dissertation on fraudulence and/in modern literature.

Co-founder and editor of The Point magazine, a twice-yearly journal of contemporary life and ideas. (website:

Nicholas Bellinson

Nicholas studied early modern intellectual history at Princeton and Renaissance art history at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. He plans to write his dissertation for the Committee on Shakespeare. His incipient and long-standing intellectual interests include the lyric (from antiquity onwards), drama, and poetic form; the sculpture of Michelangelo; the influence of classical antiquity upon the post-antique world; Counter-Reformation science; neo-Platonism and early Christianity; historical periodization; psychoanalysis.

Lauren Bergier

University of Texas (Plan II), Sciences Po

Paul Claudel; poetics; philosophy, religion, and literature

Brian A. N. Bitar

Undergraduate Institution:  Harvard

Interests:  Ancient & modern political philosophy. Concentration on the moral and psychological foundations of early modern philosophy and classical liberalism. I am working on a critical study of the origins and development of the modern concept of power, especially as a principle of political psychology. Further research interest in the theory and practice of political economy.

Dissertation:  Hobbes's Psychology & the Conception of Desire for Power

Dissertation Committee:  Nathan Tarcov (Chair), Robert Pippin, Pierre Manent (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris).

Paul Cato

Education: B.A. in Religion, Swarthmore College (2014)

Interests: Philosophy of Religion • Philosophy of Love • Interrelatedness & Intersubjectivity • 19th & 20th Century Continental Philosophy • Otherness & Conceptions of Self • Black Social & Political Thought • Postcolonial Theory • Fyodor Dostoevsky • Plato • Emmanuel Lévinas • James Baldwin

Noah Chafets

Undergraduate Degree:  B.A. in philosophy from Vassar College

Interests include ancient Greek philosophy and rhetoric, German idealism, psychoanalysis and Shakespeare. 

Dissertation: Plato's Phaedrus.

Danielle Charette

Undergrad: Swarthmore College, BA in English Literature (2014)

Interests: Modern political theory, American literature, liberalism and the novel, Tocqueville

Emilio Comay del Junco

Joint degree program in Social Thought and Philosophy

Previous education: B.A. (Hons., 1st Class) in Philosophy and German, McGill University

Primary interests: Ancient philosophy and science; political and legal philosophy (est. race and gender); naturalism

Other interests: Early modern philosophy (rationalism); metaphysics; digital humanities


Charles Comey

B.A. Bates College Dissertation: "Reciprocation, Relationship, and Arousal"--in which I try to puzzle out the relationship between intrinsic and intrumental value in love. Intellectual interests include the history of ethics (especially in relation to love), contemporary practical philosophy, philosophy and literature, Greek and German Philosophy, New England Transcendentalism, and human ecology. 

Shana Crandell

Undergrad Institution: Barnard College (2010)

Intellectual Interests: Kant's theoretical philosophy, German Idealism, Nietzsche, and experiments in language (specifically, in James Joyce's final two novels).

Andrew Dixon

Is interested in intellectual history, political philosophy, hermeneutics, aesthetics & criticism, and most enjoys reading / thinking about literary philosophy (Zhuangzi, Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein) and philosophical literature (Melville, Dostoyevsky, Lu Xun, Kafka).

Luke Foster

Education: Columbia University ’15, English and History

Interests: philosophy of education, therapeutic selfhood and its critics, the relationship of theology and politics, and the role of mythology in modern literature. Intending a primary focus on the 19th-century United States with an eye to comparative modernities and their educational regimes.

Pablo Andres Gonzalez

Interests: Political philosophy, ethics, ancient philosophy; political and social history of Latin America; liberal thought and the history of liberal political institutions; Baudelaire, French symbolism, Oscar Wilde, Jorge Luis Borges; linguistics, cognitive science. 

Education: BA New York University (NYU) in Linguistics and Cognitive Science; MA School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, in International Relations and Development Economics.

Work Experience: The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC.

David Gutherz

Undergrad: Oberlin College (2009)

Interests: Shifting relations between art and politics in modernism; psychoanalysis and anti-psychiatry; post-Hegelian thought; fascisms.

Uday Jain

Education: MA (Hons) Political Science at the University of Edinburgh (2014)

Interests: Plato and Platonism in the history of political thought; the ethics and politics of psychoanalysis; Homer, Proust, and Ferrante; contemporary political economy; critical theory.

Chenxin Jiang

Undergraduate: Comparative Literature at Princeton University

Interests: poetry, translation, German, Chinese, literature and philosophy.

Eliza Starbuck Little

BA, Political Theory & American Con. Law, Oberlin College

MA, Liberal Arts, St. John's College Annapolis

Intellectual Interests: German Idealism, especially Hegel; History of Metaphysics; Ancient & Modern Political Philosophy; Sophism.

Agnes Malinowska

Previous education: B.A. in Philosophy and History, UC Berkeley

Interests: American literary naturalism and realism; American and
European literary modernism; Pragmatism; the influence of science on
literature; literary philosophy and philosophical literature

Dissertation topic: The influence of evolutionary theory on late-19th-c. American novels.

Dissertation committee: Robert Pippin, Bill Brown, Lisa Ruddick, Maud Ellmann

Tamar Mayer

BA (Art-History and Humanities), Tel-Aviv University.

Interests: Modern Art, Aesthetics, Nineteenth Century French Art; Drawing Practices and Techniques; Phenomenology; Theories of Perception and Representation

Tamar is pursuing a joint degree in the Committee on Social Thought and the Department of Art-History. She works on 19th-century French Art. Her dissertation project focuses on the drawings of Jacques-Louis David, and more broadly, on the functions of preparatory processes in early 19th century French painting. Tamar received her B.A. (Honors) from Tel-Aviv University, with a double major in art-history and in the interdisciplinary humanities program. She also studied in the New-York Studio School for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, and has extensive training as a studio artist. In 2013-14 Tamar held the Rhoades Curatorial Fellowship in Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago, and is the recipient of a Chester-Dale pre-doctoral fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 2015-16, in the department of Drawings and Prints.

Mat Messerschmidt

Interests: aesthetics, phenomenology, deconstruction, literary theory, English and German Romanticism, Friedrich Nietzsche, literary philosophy, pedagogy

Undergraduate education: University of Michigan 2010, BA in Philosophy and English Language & Literature

Johanna Mick

Previous education:  B.A. Economics, Philosophy, M.A. Political Philosophy, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; M.A. in the Social Sciences, University of Chicago

Interests: Political philosophy, Philosophy of war, Spanish Conquest, Second Scholasticism (Sepúlveda, Acosta, Vitoria, De la Peña)

Katie Bellamy Mitchell

Education: B.A. in Philosophy and English, Georgetown University (2015)

Interests: phenomenology, intersubjectivity and conceptions of self, text materiality, 18th century literature of crime and criminality, legal and philosophical articulations of sexual consent, contemporary poetry.

David Molina

Education: B.A. in Humanities and Russian and East European Studies, Yale University (2015)

Interests: Luso-Brazilian Literature, 19th century Russian Prose, 19th and 20th century Continental Philosophy, Film Theory, Andrei Tarkovsky

Hannah Mosher

Undergrad: Wheaton College

Intellectual interests: Kierkegaard, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Phenomenology and Existentialism

Dissertation: The Role of Inwardness in Kierkegaard's Ethics
Dissertation Advisor: Jonathan Lear

Julia Mueller

Previous education: University of Oregon, BA in English and French; University of Chicago, MA in Humanities

Interests: poetry and poetics; essays; novellas; film; natural history; observation and attention

Luke Parker

Undergrad Institution: Vassar College Interests:  Literature & philosophy, in ancient greece and in modernity.

Rik Peters

Education: BA Philosophy and Classics, University of Amsterdam (2011/2012); MA Philosophy, University of Amsterdam (2014); MA Classics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2014)

Interests: Modern European philosophy (from German Idealism to poststructuralism); metaphysics; ancient philosophy; ancient Greek science; the concept of ‘wonder’ in Greek thought; Hellenistic literature (esp. Callimachus); paradoxography; classical philology; history of science; history of the humanities.

Aparna Ravilochan

Undergraduate education: St. John's College, Santa Fe

Interests: Aristotle's science and metaphysics; philosophy of science; history of mathematics, biology, physics & cosmology

Andrea Ray

Previous education: B.A. in History, Pomona College; M.A in Social Sciences, University of Chicago

Interests: History and/of philosophy in the early modern and modern periods, rationalism, German idealism

Jason Rosensweig

BA: Stanford (Comp Lit), MA: Stanford: French Literature

Dissertation: “Form-of-Life-Liberalism: 18th-century origins and modern variations” - • Explores the foundations of political community in the 18th-century according to Hume, Smith, and Burke, as well as its relationship to 20th-century political philosophy. Argues that there is a strain of liberalism based in the understanding that a shared form of life is a necessary condition for a prosperous liberal political community. Examines how political and social obligation, social contract, trust and commerce all depend on a shared form of life, interdependence, shared assumptions and expectations. 

Committee: Robert Pippin, Nathan Tarcov, Charles Griswold (BU), Miguel Tamen (UC & Univ. of Lisbon)

Interests: Areas of interest: History of moral & political philosophy, Enlightenment, 18th-century British and German philosophy (esp. Kant, Hume, and Smith), especially liberalism and social philosophy. Other interests include: Ancient Greek philosophy,  Wittgenstein, 19th-century European philosophy, modern European political, art, & literary history. 

Michael Rutherglen

B.A. in English from the University of Virginia, M.F.A. in Poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, M.A. in the Humanities from the University of Chicago. 

Interested in conceptuality and musicality in lyric poetry, the history of lyric forms, and poetics broadly; the materiality of language; aesthetics, German Idealism, and phenomenology, particularly Heidegger’s; Gerard Manley Hopkins.

A founding editor of The Winter Anthology (, a collection of 21st century literature and thought published annually.

Jack Sexton

Undergraduate Institution: University of Sydney.

Interests: American political thought; history of philosophy; history and philosophy of science; historical and evolutionary accounts of human nature. 

Benjamin Silver

BA, UChicago (2014), Philosophy and Political Science

Interests: moral education, philosophy of law, regime preservation and constitutionalism, philosophy of labor, Aristotle.

Joseph Simmons

Undergraduate institution: University of Dallas, BA in English Literature and Mathematics

Intellectual interests: literature and philosophy, British modernist poetry (especially Yeats, Eliot, and Auden), history of criticism, ordinary language, interest"

Robert Stone

Undergraduate: Politics at Princeton University

Interests: The history of political thought from the 18th to 19th centuries; conceptions of liberty; classical reception in 19th century political thought; the work of John Stuart Mill and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Philip Sugg

Undergraduate: Duke University

Interests: 18th and 19th-century German literature and philosophy, religion and secularism in modernity

Dawn Herrera Terry

Brown University B.A. 

University of Chicago M.A. in the Humanities

Interests: theories of freedom, immanence, social and political theory, phenomenology, cultural criticism, comparative religious ethics.  

Josh Trubowitz

Education: The University of Chicago

Interests: Moral and political philosophy, esp. in relation to the philosophy of mind.

Michail Vlasopoulos

March 2008, National Technical University of Athens

MDes 2012, Harvard University; G. M. McCue Medal; Honors Thesis

Originally trained as an architect, Michail Vlasopoulos is primarily interested in Early Modern Philosophy―Descartes, Spinoza, through to Leibniz―and the Philosophy of Biology, from Aristotle to figures of nineteenth-century Continental Formalism such as J. W. von Goethe, Lorenz Oken, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and Louis Agassiz. His Master's thesis "Spinoza, Goethe, and the Philosophy of Form" attempted to capture the latent Spinozism undergirding Goethe's grand vision for an all-encompassing science of form. He enjoys discussing a wide range of topics in the history of ideas, especially as it relates to the constant struggle of the laws of thought to grapple with the recalcitrant multiplicity of the Natural world.

Austin Walker

Intellectual interests in history and philosophy of education

Konrad Weeda

Undergraduate Institution: University of Chicago, BA in Classics

Intellectual Interests: Political rhetoric in fiction; fiction and individual moral development; literature and philosophy in Ancient Greece and in early modern Europe, Pindar.

Rachel Wong

Education: B.A. in Social Studies, M.A. in East Asian Regional Studies at Harvard.

Interests: Politics and aesthetics, Chinese socialism, anthropology and its methods, film theory.