Antoine Pageau St-Hilaire

Education: B.A. Philosophy, Laval University; Certificate, Liberal Arts, Laval University; M.A. Philosophy, University of Ottawa.

M.A. Thesis: "The Greek Roots of Philosophy: Theôria and Praxis in the Platonism of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Leo Strauss"            

Interests: Ancient Greek philosophy (esp. Plato and Aristotle), moral and political philosophy, metaphysics and ontology continental philosophy (esp. phenomenology and hermeneutics), the relationship between metaphysics and politics (with specific attention to Aristotle's concept of ἐνέργεια) and the contemporary recoveries and reappropriations of Greek thought and concepts (esp. in continental and German philosophy, e.g. M. Heidegger, H.-G. Gadamer, L. Strauss, H. Arendt, J. Derrida, P. Ricoeur).