Michail Vlasopoulos

March 2008, National Technical University of Athens

MDes 2012, Harvard University; G. M. McCue Medal; Honors Thesis

Originally trained as an architect, Michail Vlasopoulos is primarily interested in Early Modern Philosophy―Descartes, Spinoza, through to Leibniz―and the Philosophy of Biology, from Aristotle to figures of nineteenth-century Continental Formalism such as J. W. von Goethe, Lorenz Oken, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and Louis Agassiz. His Master's thesis "Spinoza, Goethe, and the Philosophy of Form" attempted to capture the latent Spinozism undergirding Goethe's grand vision for an all-encompassing science of form. He enjoys discussing a wide range of topics in the history of ideas, especially as it relates to the constant struggle of the laws of thought to grapple with the recalcitrant multiplicity of the Natural world.